What are the rules and regulations for kabaddi sports?

Kabaddi is one of India’s most famous ancient sports, which influences millions of people across the country. It is famous in India in many states such as Punjab, Bihar, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Not only in India, but it also played in many countries such as Iran, and it is the national game of Bangladesh. Kabaddi also taught in the schools of Nepal and became more popular in other parts of the world.

Rules of kabaddi sports

There are many rules to be followed in kabaddi sports; by that, the players will legally play the game—all athletes who are just following the rules and regulations. Here we are discussing some of the rules of kabaddi sports that you should know before watching or playing it. If you are familiar with the rules and know the ins and outs of the game, you might want to engage in playing some betting on https://www.totalwrc.com/ to make a decent living.

  • Players in the game

Kabaddi game is played between two teams; both teams consist of 12 players in their team. There are only seven players are allowed on the field while playing. It is played in court, which is 13m in measurement, and a half-line separates it at the center. It can be played in wide ranges of court and can also be at clay court.

  • Scoring in the game

There are many ways for scoring in the kabaddi sport, as putting an opponent out will give you points. There is one point for putting each player out of the team. There are many ways to attack, which is done by the raider who touches the opposition player. If all players are declared out from the opposing team, it will give three bonus points. If any player goes outside from the boundary, the point will also be credited to the team.

  • Duration of the match

The kabaddi match duration is 45 minutes, consisting of two halves of 20 minutes and a half-time break of 5 minutes. There is also a 30 second time for raiding. If any player comes for raiding, it will get only 30 seconds for their raiding. If the 30 seconds over, if the player gets the point or lose a point. Then there is again 30 seconds is restarted for the next raider.

  • Winning the game

At the end of the game, which team has a maximum number of points will win the match and declared the winner. Sometimes, there is the same number of points between the teams, so the game is declared a draw in that situation.

  • The referee’s decision is final.

In the game, there is a referee whose decision is full and final. No one player talks against the umpire decision, and if anyone balked against the umpire decision will be disqualified from the game or caused some part of plenty for it.


These are some rules and regulations for kabaddi sports that you should know before watching or playing it. These rules are enough for you to understand the sport and you must carefully read all rules and regulations. These rules are very important for playing the game in fair manner.

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