What are the rules for football sport which you should know?

Football sport is becoming popular among all sports. It is one of the oldest sports in the world, and it is also known as soccer. Now many people are taking interest while watching it and become one of the most recognized sport. This sport is played between international teams; there are many tournaments such as the euro championship, football world cup, African cup of nations, etc. There are many domestic leagues in England, such as La Liga, Series A, English premier league, and many more. Once you are familiar with all of these you can masterfully play บาคาร่า.

Here are the some rules

Before watching football sport, you must know some rules that help you understand the game. Here we are discussing some of the football sport rules that help you understand the game.

  • Duration of the game

A football match is comprised of 90 minutes, which is split between 45 minutes halves. There is also a 15 minute rest period in the match in which players rest between the match. There is also an extra time which will be given if it is required. Additional time is given with the referee’s determination to determine if there is substation or any injury between them. Extra time is displayed at half of each 45 minute period.

  • Numbers of players in the match

A football match is played between the two teams, and each team is comprised of 11 players, including a goalkeeper. Some extra players are also available in the game, which is bench players and used for substitutions. If any player becomes injured or done, any fault can get a substitute, and at that place, bench players are substituted. Only three substituted are allowed in the international-based matches, and the player cannot be substituted between the game; it is allowed at the halfway line with the referee approval.

  • Scoring in the game

In a football match, the goal is scored when the ball crossed the opponent’s goal. The team with the maximum number of goals at the end of the match will win the match. If there are the same number of goals thereof both teams in a given time, some additional time is given to both teams; generally, it is 15 minutes. Hands and arms are restricted from doing the goal in the match.

  • Fouls in the game

There are many misbehave conduct done by the football player, which is known as foul in the match. Many types of fouls, such as an attempt to kick an opponent player, push an opponent player, hold, strike, and many more, which will reflect the advantage to the opponent’s team by awarding a free-kick to them. There is also some misconduct done by the players, such as playing roughly, commits an offense, prevent the goalkeeper from releasing the ball, which is held to a penalty of the team.


So these are some rules for the football match which help you to understand. These rules are enough for understanding, and you must read it carefully.

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