What are the rules you have to know about playing cricket?

As we all know, cricket has become a popular game worldwide, and it is a game that played at international, national, and state levels. There are many teams which take part in and playing for their country competing with other countries. There are also zonal based tournaments played in cricket, were also different teams taking part in it. If you are watching cricket without knowing the rules, it is tough for you to understand what is happening. If you are a huge sports fan, you might want to check out UFABET.

So you must know some basic rules of cricket that help you know the finer point of the matches. Here we are discussing some of the rules you have to know about cricket.

  • It is played between two teams.

In cricket, there are two teams which are playing against each other. Each of the teams has 11 players in the teams, including captain and vice-captain in each team. While on the batting side, two players are playing at strike and nonstrike positions, and on the bowling side, one player is bowling and ensuring that there are no more than 11 players in the field.

  • Duration of the game

There are two innings, one batting and other bowling are played in the game. The game’s duration depends on the number of overs in the match; overs can be based on the tournament. It can be of 50-50 or 20-20 match. So the duration of the game is negotiable as the number of hours depends upon the time taken between two innings. Sometimes, the game’s duration is also affected by the environment factor, as there are more chances of rain and cloudy, so the number of overs can be minimized according to that, which also affects the game’s duration.

  • Field positions

Players can be fitted in several field positions. The field placements are optional, but the team is mainly the captain of the team, choosing to place their team members in the field positions. It is dependable on the team captain how he makes the strategy for making field positions for defending the opposing team. There is powerplay in the game also there, which is directed to first of the overs and some end of overs. There are only two players who have permission to the field over the circle, and other players must field inside the circle.

  • The umpire decision is final.

Umpire’s decision is the final decision in the game. There is no one to speak against the umpires because its decision is final if any player who balks against the umpire’s decision can dismiss the discipline measures. So all the players have to ensure only umpires’ decision, whether it is right or not.


So these are some basic rules for cricket which help you to understand the game. You must have to follow their rules for Fairplay if you are playing. There are some other rules like there is an additional run for the overthrown of the ball. These rules are enough for you to know the game.

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