Coventry City v Newcastle United Live

Coventry City share the field with Newcastle United on Tuesday night at Ricoh Arena. The clash will be heated and with typical Carling Cup anticipation, it will be a close battle between the two powers.

This seasons see Coventry with a dazzling start, in contrast to Newcastle United, as they enjoy wins at home to Norwich City and away to Barnsley. Having also defeated Manchester United in a display of sporting bravado, Chris Coleman has seemingly nurtured his men into warriors. In these, the early stages of the Cup, Coventry are focusing first and foremost on their game plan and strategy. If you are a huge sports fan, you might actually make a decent amount of money by playing some fun sports betting games via UFABET.

Whilst the table may look intimidating, their approach so far is to take each game at face value. They are aware that a maintainable performance is required if they are to secure their position this time around. The Sky Blues stunned Manchester United at Old Trafford, and if they can pull another great performance this fixture, they may very well have another scalp to add to their chest.

They may opt for an unchanged start lineup as with previous games, and it seems to be working for them this far into the Cup. It looks as though their midfield may not alter either, with Julian Gray, Guillaume Beuzelin, Jay Tabb and Michael Mifsud forming a tightly cooperative unit where it matters most.

Newcastle may start with Michael Owen this match, leaving nothing to the imagination. An all out assault on Coventry is expected. Newcastle start this campaign with a draw against champions, Manchester. Coloccini’s performance, alongside fellow star Gutierrez has given Keegan a good run in the opening fixtures. Last year Newcastle were eliminated in the third round by a dominating Arsenal. Their last four seasons have been fairly subdued, with average performances throughout. If their last match is anything to go by, for a change, they will present a versatile mix of players on the day, and it is expected that they may find a place in the Carling Cup, something that has yet to occur substantially. Free Soccer Pick Decision game for Coventry - With the home advantage, Coventry will find that that their technical skills will get the better of Manchester this match. If United keep clinging to the idea that this is a secondary cup, they will once again lose face. Coventry have a very impressive start to their league hopes, and with Chris Coleman at the helm, fans can be certain that The Sky Blues wont perform at anything less than optimal. Manchester is looking for amends, and that drive in itself may cause them some trouble, but Coventry have a craving to qualify and will exploit any opportunities presented.

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