Purpose of Select Teams

The purpose of a Metro, Gold or Silver team (U13-U18), Select Team (U11-U12), Development Team (U10), and Prospect Team (U8-U9) (all referred to as Select teams) is to provide a team environment for players to develop to a higher level, while competing with players of similar abilities.

Objectives of the Club’s Select Program

Further the development of committed players towards as high a skill and proficiency level as they can achieve Encourage excellence and sportsmanship among Select players Enhance each player’s enjoyment of the game of soccer. With select team program, you’ll be rest assured that the team you’d support at หวยออนไลน์ would be in a good standing.

Team Selection and Placement

For returning players, the evaluation, selection and placement process is comprised of a combination of past season assessments by the player’s team coaching staff and the post-season evaluation sessions which normally incorporate 2-3 evaluation sessions observed by an evaluation team comprised of independent evaluators, the select team coaches and the Club Head Coach. For players new to the Club or to the divisional level being attended, the post-season evaluation sessions represent the primary opportunity for evaluation of a player’s suitability for selection and placement on a selects team. In order for players to best showcase their abilities, it is beneficial for them to be placed in an evaluation environment that is challenging, but more importantly in one that allows a sufficient level of success. For this year, we have made some changes to the evaluation process to ensure a fairer and clearer process, including the tiering of players at each evaluation session into groups that consider their best interests with regards to showcasing their ability. For instance, players who finished the season on a Metro team will be grouped together. Similarly, the same will be done for Gold and Silver/Bronze. With the tiering of skills in place, the opportunity for players striving to move to the next level will increase as they are less likely to be dominated or intimidated by players from a higher level, and the identification of top performing players within their own group will become significantly clearer to evaluators.


To play at any Select level will involve a greater commitment of time, travel and additional costs by the player, with the greatest commitments being required at the higher Select level(s) in each age group. During the season, parents and players can expect that Select practices will be held at least twice a week with an additional functional or fitness-focused session, and one game per week. It is also highly recommended that players participate in a core conditioning or related skills session once a week, in addition to team practices. While Semiahmoo Soccer Club does not discourage players to participate in other sports and pursuits, playing at a Metro or Gold level suggests that players will make the appropriate commitment needed for the benefit of their development as well that of their Select team colleagues. Be aware that the commitment and expectations will differ from division to division (ie. Metro will be greater than Gold and so on) and you should check with the team’s head coach involved at your daughter’s age and level to be clear as to their expectations. All select team coaches are expected to hold pre-season and periodic player and team meetings during the season to ensure that such expectations, as well as the coaches’ plans and player assessments, are clearly communicated.

Select (Rep) Fee

Select team players will pay an additional select fee annually for the Club’s Player Development Program. These fees for part of the overall select player’s registration fees and are needed to offset the costs of specialized training and facilities made available to Select teams. Acceptance of a Select team selection means the player (and their parents) has agreed to this fee. Select fees must be paid in order for a player’s registration for the upcoming Fall/Winter Season to be complete and in good standing. Each select team is responsible for their own fundraising efforts to defray players’ select fees, the costs associated with tournaments, extra player development training and Team Wear. However, all Team Fundraising must be for the benefit of the whole team. The Club will not allow any player-specific fundraising of any kind that does not go to the team fund. Also, fundraising efforts should be correlated with spending plans so that there is a “zero” team account balance at the end of the season, in accordance with the Clubs Policies and Procedures.

Select Season

While the league soccer season typically runs from September to March, successful Cup play can extend a season into April, with Provincial Cup finals being held as late as July. In such instances, Cup play coaches will probably conduct training throughout the Spring and early Summer. Tournaments and team-building activities are often the focus of these sessions. It is understood that players need rest time and families will have vacations. However, during the month of August, players can be expected to participate in team training activities and pre-season training camps the coaches and their staff may have planned in preparation for the start of the coming season.

Playing Up

Going forward players will have no restrictions on developmental opportunities due to their year of birth. In staying with “what is best for the player”, the Club will support a player playing up on a select team to a maximum of one (1) age group above their natural age group if she is evaluated by the Club’s professional staff and is found to ably and consistently demonstrate the technical, physical, mental and social abilities determined to be needed for an older team environment. Additionally, the player must achieve a rating which puts them within the top 8 of the older age group.

Evaluation Process


Coaches have been pre-selected (via an interview and evaluation process) and will be announced prior to the first evaluation session.


Players need to pre-register for evaluations using the Club’s online evaluation registration system – go to www.semiahmoosoccer.com. This will help improve communication and ensure you are kept up to date with any pertinent change in information. A one-time, non-refundable $15 evaluation fee will apply for all players. This may be paid via paypal with online registration or in cash only upon check-in at the first evaluation session. Evaluation Dates, Times and Location Each group is given a minimum of 2 evaluation dates, with an optional 3rd evaluation date should it be deemed necessary by the evaluators. The Club’s evaluation dates are posted at www.semiahmoosoccer.com , and all evaluations are held at South Surrey Athletic Park, located at 2200 148th St, Surrey, BC Returning players are required to attend at least one (1) session, while new players are required to attend at least two (2) sessions to be considered for the team. It is in the player’s best interest, especially those new to the Club, to attend all dates, as it will offer greater exposure of a player’s abilities to the evaluators.

Adminstration and Check-In

Registration confirmation will take place 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start, with the players checking in at the east lower level of the Fieldhouse (west end of turf field #9), at which time each player will receive a designated pinnie from the Evaluation Manager. It is critical that each player have the same pinnie (colour and number) for each evaluation session. If you are unable to attend any of the evaluation dates, you need to let the Club know, as well the reason(s), as soon as possible, by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Evaluators Evaluators are utilized from both inside and outside the Club, and will be independent of the age group being evaluated. However, we have asked the (selected) Select coaches for these teams to be on the field, observing the process and the players, given their knowledge of players and their involvement in the selection process. Each qualified Evaluator and coach will have a list of players, by pinnie number and color only (no names), and a list of criteria they will be evaluating against. They will observe the players as they participate in a combination of agility, speed and fitness tests, skill drills, small-sided or full-sided games, and will attempt to watch every participant and track their performance. This is a very intensive task, and we assure you that all Evaluators take this very seriously. A Club player’s performance during the past season (especially in the second-half) will be significantly taken into account. After the remaining Evaluations and prior to the completion of the final evaluation, the Evaluators will be asked to identify, based on their observations, the players they feel should be included in the final Selection Pool. Except for significant extenuating circumstances, player selections will be made by the team coach, from the Selection Pool, in consultation with the Club’s Head Coach and/or professional staff. Typically, 20 – 22 players make up the Selection Pool for each team. Where players are assessed as being very close overall, it is the Club’s objective to ensure that any “tie-breaker” goes to those players those returning to the Club or who reside within the Club’s catchment area.


Within 48 hours of the conclusion of the final evaluation, the team head coach will telephone the players selected, at which time players will be asked to confirm their acceptance. If a player declines, the team coach will subsequently contact the next player in the Selection Pool. Additionally, successful players will have 24 hours to formally register with the Club via the Club’s online registration system. The pinnie numbers of the players selected to the final team roster will be posted to the Club’s website at www.semiahmoosoccer.com, where the Club’s online registration system can also be accessed. Team selections will not be held open to allow for “[other] evaluation shopping”. Accepting players are expected to complete their on-line registration with the Club on a timely basis as well. Additionally, where the Select team’s head coach is continuing on with the same group of players from last season, those returning players who are unsuccessful will also be contacted by the team’s head coach. The Selection Pool will be dissolved upon the conclusion of the team selection process. Should a selected player be unable to subsequently join or maintain their place on the Select team, the Select team coaches and the Club Head Coach will initiate a review and assessment process to determine which player will be contacted as a replacement. NOTE: Select team selection does not unequivocally guarantee a player a place on a select team roster for the entire season. That is, a player is expected to consistently continue to develop and maintain their performance (relative to other team members) and commitment to the team as the season unfolds. Should this not occur, a Select team coach, in consultation with the Club’s Head Coach and player’s parents, will have the option of moving a “non-performing” player to the appropriate division. The Select team coach may then fill the vacancy created by “calling up” an eligible player from the next division level down. This call-up right will also be applicable should a higher-level select team sustain extended player injuries which reduce their roster to a non-competitive number. For coach, team or technical issues regarding these evaluations, please contact Mark McQueen, Club Head Coach at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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